Bugatti Divo

Bugatti Divo: See The Changes Side-By-Side

Bugatti describes the Bugatti Devo as the dream car that even millionaires dream of. All 40 of these cars that were made already sold each at the cost of $8 million brand new condition. The Bugatti Devo is not the fastest Bugatti but still goes insane speed of 236 mph the devil has very good traction Bugatti describes it as it is built four corners meaning it can handle curves in bands at fast speeds with an acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in 2.4 seconds. It has 1500 hp with a quad turbo engine with Ford turbo chargers with stage two turbo charging and enter inter cooling kits. The Bugatti Devo engine is an 8.0 L engine the engine is a W 16 engine which is two V8 engines bolted together with their combined power it makes 1500 hp. The transmission is a seven speed dual clutch which is a stick shift car with seven gears. This car is road legal but it is built for the track for racing. If you compare one of Bugatti‘s earlier creations the Bugatti Chiron There is a big difference in time and speed if you’re racing a track if you’re racing a track with these two supercars the Devo is a way better car to race on track but if you’re racing in a straight line with these two cars the Chiron is a completely better car to go with. This car is the second fastest Bugatti ever made coming after you Bugatti Chiron that’s top speed is 263 mph. The interior to this car is made out of complete suede and the color is to match the outside of the car. There are also very tiny features to this car that make a big difference There are tiny airway holes in the headlights that lead to the back tires brakes these are made so when the car is going high speeds it cools down the back brakes there are also the same airway path channels for the front breaks. There are many clues and details on why this car was built for the track there is a built in track mode to this car in some models of this car also have a race steering wheel. This Bugatti is also the most expensive Bugatti that has ever been made the cheapest ever Bugatti was made in 2008 it is the Bugatti Veyron it is 1.1 million there is another model of a Bugatti Veyron that is 2.5 million that is insanely cheaper than the Devo that is $8 million. One risk that Bugatti makes every time they make a car is the spend a too much money on a car and then they end up having to sell it for cheaper because they know no one‘s gonna buy it for an excessive amount that they spent on the car. For example on the Bugatti Veyron they spent a lot of money creating the car so every time they sell One of those cars they lose about 6 1/2 million dollars. Overall the Bugatti Devo is a good well made car for people that can’t afford it.

Bugatti Divo - Wikipedia

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